National Trends and Services at Families Moving Forward

By December 7, 2020Uncategorized
NTS Co-chair Dr. Stephanie Irby Coard led a workshop “Did I Sign Up for This”? Parenting and Virtual Ed During COVID
17 residents in attendance gave detailed and extended testimony. Participants were engaged with presentation and discussion that followed. Some comments:
  • No one really estimated the resources needed beforehand. Schools and teachers figuring out how to do virtual ed as parents were.
  • Problems with space, managing 2 different children who are different ages at one time, managing distractions in room including bed, technology mishaps, hard for kids to sit still for such a long time
  • Balance demands of virtual learning and fear of kids going to school and getting sick; not wearing mask all day
  • Parent focus on virtual education is a barrier to finding and retaining paid work and search for permanent housing
Recommendations: A resident will lead development of daily schedules by parents, including breaking up work and play, one of Dr. Stephanie’s suggestions. Sent HO designed for parents to manage virtual learning developed by Student U.