Tea & Treats

By December 1, 2020Uncategorized
‘Afternoon Tea’ is an highly sought after affair, at many famous southern hotels during the Christmas season. However, they cannot compare to Durham (NC) Chapter’s fantastic time celebrating the holiday and friendship, at our virtual Tea and Treats.
The day preceding the tea, members were treated to lovely gift bags at their front door, containing a beautiful green teacup and saucer, several choices of tea, brown and white sugar cubes, honey straws and packets of select cookies. Wow, everything one needed for a wonderful tea, when ‘Tea Time’ arrived on Sunday. What is a good southern tea without your hat…oooh the hats were on display? The afternoon progressed with vigorous conversation amongst members, scavenger hunts, fascinating facts about tea: the different types, categories, uses, origins, countries that consume the most etc. Then, much to our surprise, the organizers told us to take out our phones and sign on to play Kahoot. We always enjoy a little friendly competition and did we have fun with many questions about teas, and foods that accompany it.
As the time to end was upon us, we all were so grateful for our friendship and the wonderful time we had shared. However, it was now time to pass that gratitude forward. Our gift bags had also each contained two pre-stamped ‘Thank You’ note cards, addressed to our Partners. Each member was asked to write a note of thanks to each person for whom they had a card, thanking them for their support of our work in the community of Durham. What a perfect note on which to end a warm and fantastic Christmas celebration of friendship!